How to toggle the sound between headphones and speakers in Windows

We all like to listen to music while we are in front of the PC, and we also use it to watch series, movies and other videos. Now we will teach you how to change the sound between headphones and speakers in Windows, to make it faster. Unfortunately, sometimes we have to put on helmets to avoid disturbing them, and alternating them with the speakers of the system is easy in Windows if we know how to do it, provided that our team supports it.

The truth is that, traditionally, moving from the speakers to the headphones in Windows was somewhat cumbersome. Normally, the system deactivates the speakers when connecting some cases, but making further modifications required accessing the configuration. Luckily, in Windows 10 it is possible to toggle the sound outputs from the desktop.

Although with the arrival of Windows 10 Creators Update this version has reached a great maturity and it is worth updating, we will see how to change from headphones to speakers (and vice versa) if we still have a previous system.

We must locate the speaker icon that appears to the right of the taskbar, in the notification area. It usually appears directly, but may be “hidden” in a small menu that opens when you click on the arrow pointing up. Once we find the icon of the speaker, we will press it with the right button of the mouse and we will choose the option “Devices of reproduction”:
This is where we will see the devices we have, and it will be possible to switch from headphones to speakers, as long as our integrated sound card supports it. Not all allow it, we must look at our specific case. Fortunately, in Windows 10 it is easier to switch between a few cases and the system’s speakers.
The last alternative to make the quick change between speakers and headphones is SoundSwitch. It is a program for Windows that, basically, allows us to choose the sound player with a keyboard shortcut. We must select the sources that interest us, and we will alternate between them by pressing Ctrl + Alt + F11.

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