HiFiMan presents Ananda, its new “economic” hi-fi earphone with an open design

HiFiMan is a brand known for selling very high-end headphones with prices at the height of very few users. In fact, a few weeks ago we were able to test a model above 6,500 euros with an enviable sound quality.

Today we bring you a more modest model that keeps the good knowledge of HiFiMan but with a price somewhat more affordable. It is the Ananda, with circumaural design of open acoustic box and the already traditional ultra-thin and light flat transducers.

Thanks to them the headset is able to offer a high sensitivity of 103 dB reaching a high sound pressure without distortion problems in the optimum frequency range that goes from 8 Hz to about 55 KHz. They are designed to be used with high resolution sound tracks and high-end sound equipment, but thanks to its low impedance of 25 ohm we can attack them with virtually any portable device that we have at home such as a smartphone, tablet, PC or multimedia player .
The exterior design has a grid that reduces sound reflections and pavilions with asymmetrical shapes designed to adapt better to the human ear. It has a total weight of 396 grams and robust 3.5 mm jack connectors designed to maintain its durability for years.

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