Bluetooth Energy Music Box 9 by Energy Sistem

We have tested the powerful Energy Music Box 9 portable loudspeaker from Energy Sistem, a very complete option, perhaps something more unknown than others of international origin, but that exceeds all that can be expected from a device with these characteristics and which also has a fairly tight price. We tell you what we thought.
Music Box 9, a sober and easy-to-use speaker

When removing it from the box and after seeing that we only have the charging cable, another to connect by auxiliary, and the speaker itself, the first thing that surprises the Energy Music Box 9, is its design, for sober, without stridency of any kind. Rectangular, with rounded corners to make it more comfortable to handle, has measures of 31 x 12 x 10.6 cm and a weight of a couple of Kg. Not that it shines because of its excessive portability, but is comfortable to transport and it does not have an excessive size so that we can not move it or take it from one place to another.

It has no more controls than necessary: ​​8 buttons and several connections to put it into operation, turn it off, or switch between the numerous audio sources available.

The second fact that catches the attention of its data sheet is its power: up to 40 W. A high figure as little, for a portable speaker that can serve you perfectly to mount an outdoor party … if there are too many guests, Clear.

It is composed of 4 speakers, two of them subwoofer, which give a power to their bass more than remarkable. The set also offers a sharpness in the sound to take into account, and few complaints can be put to the general quality, if we are not a musician with a too fine ear. And less for the price that this speaker has.
There is almost no audio source with which the Music Box 9 can not

As for the sources that we have in this speaker, the list is very long, not missing almost none. It is of course a Bluetooth speaker, to listen to the music of our mobile, tablet or notebook without cables. The pairing can not be simpler, with a couple of button presses, although there is scope for improvement by adding the NFC it lacks. If we prefer, we can also use it, thanks to its auxiliary jack connection, which means that practically any device can be heard through the Music Box 9.

We also have USB port, to listen to audio files from this support, as well as Micro SD slot, to add one more possibility, and the thing does not end there, because it has an FM radio built in: it is a whole micro-chain in portable speaker format. Outstanding in this aspect; only it lacks the connection WiFi for its use like Multiroom, although in this segment, there are not too many speakers that incorporate it.

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